Background Investigations

Background Investigations conducted by Introspect Investigations USA, Inc. can uncover unknown facts, undisclosed relationships, verify claims and statements and provide an unbiased profile of the Subject.  Our proven investigative techniques and wealth of investigative resources combined with our in-depth analysis enable us to complete a wide variety of background investigations in the US and around the world.

The term “Background Investigation” or “Background Check” is a generic term that is defined by the reason for the investigation.  In general, a Background Investigation is the process of investigating and compiling data from both public and private sources for the purpose of developing a profile of the Subject.  This profile may be as narrow as a criminal record search on the Subject in a single jurisdiction or as broad as an in depth investigation into the Subject’s history including mode of living, relationships, financial status and vetting achievements, awards and affiliations.

The following is a partial list of reasons a Background Investigation may be requested:

  • Pre-marital investigations
  • Prospective Client/vendor/sub-contractor screening
  • Business Associate/Partner screening
  • Jury vetting
  • Witness profile
  • Nanny/Baby Sitter/Au Pair investigations
  • Volunteer screening
  • Employment screening
  • Tenant screening
  • Security clearance
  • Due Diligence investigations
  • Opposition research

By our very nature, “Introspect” Investigations USA, Inc., will conduct Background Investigations that will “look inside” the Subject in an attempt to bring concealed histories, events and actions into the open.