Due Diligence Investigations

New York Due Dilligence InvestigationIntrospect Investigations USA, Inc. has the resources, expertise and experience to provide our clients with a through and in-depth Due Diligence investigation.  Our Due Diligence investigations can uncover undisclosed liabilities and relationships, verify the location and operation of business sites, reveal litigation history and help to develop an accurate profile of the Subject of the investigation.

Due Diligence Investigations are often conducted when vetting a prospective business partner, board member or consultant and during mergers and acquisitions, buy outs and strategic alliances.

Some of the items that can be included in our due diligence investigation are:

  • Backgrounds on key individuals
  • Bankruptcy filing search
  • Business credit report
  • Civil litigation, lien and judgment record searches at the local, county and state level
  • Compliance and regulatory filings including disciplinary actions and sanctions
  • Corporate Affiliations and DBA filings
  • Criminal record searches at the local, county and state level
  • Federal Court record searches for civil and criminal records.
  • Intellectual property
  • Interview suppliers, vendors and creditors
  • Investigative database research
  • Media and Social networking search
  • Professional Licenses

Each Due Diligence Investigation that we undertake is customized to the unique requirements of our client.  Let Introspect Investigations USA, Inc. provide you with the knowledge you need to compete in in today’s marketplace.

We are open and accepting new assignments. Some services may be delayed or not available at this time due to the COVID-19 virus restrictions.